Subject: Renegade
Date: Tue, Feb 2000 23:04:53 -0500
From: Robert Jamieson

Hi Barry,
Last week I sent you a note and a couple of photos of our modified Renegade.This was a father son project and the boat actually belongs to my son Steven. I am sending you a few more photos, one of the deck being framed to show you the way we raised the deck and reshaped it to give it a more modern look.

The next pix shows the instrument cluster and the way we built the panel. It was built with very light 1/2" mahogany plywood and the covered with a light fiberglass cloth and epoxy.

The next photo shows the placement of the inline 350ci Chevy engine which was coupled to a Borg Velvetdrive transmission and on to a 13x13 prop. We proped the boat for torque as it is primarily a waterski boat and a speed of a little over 40MPH. It will pull at least six skiers out of the water nicely.

In the next photo we are in the middle of upholstering, this my son did alone. He had never done this before but did a beautiful job of it as you can see. The upholstery was done in white, teal and two shades of grey. The teal matching the color of the accent color of the hull.