It was just a short walk from the car to the dock.

We're backing away from the dock, here, and it floats!
Everyone that stopped by while we were building it asked the exact same question: "Will it float?" Everyone, seriously. Not a single person failed to ask that. We would always answer, "Of course it'll float, it's made of wood! Duh." Well, this photo is proof. Actually, Jeff purposely swamped the canoe this day, just to see how high it would float when full of water. It floated with the two points about 3-4 inches out of the water. Not very high, but high enough.

This is my favorite photo, by far. In addition to showing what a pretty place Iowa is, it represents a big accomplishment for us. We are extremely pleased with the results of building the Chippewa. The only thing left to do is to put some serious miles on it.
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