Date: 3-27-03


My email is good and my Eight ball has been finished for almost a year now. I'm the guy who sent you the video of the chirstening that went oh so bad. Here is a photo of my eight ball tied up at Balboa lake, which is a beautiful man made lake in the middle of the San Fernando Valley.

I am having a great time with my boat, but she is a lot of work. You know how dog years are supposed to be like 7 human years? Well, I think boat years are like 17 human years. This winter the rain filled up my boat like a bath tub, and water seeped through the sealed seat chamber and filled them up completely. Water could get in, but it couldn't get out. When I drilled a small drain whole the thing "peed" for hours. Now I have drain plugs and I am keeping the boat in the garage until summer.

James McLain
Mission Hills, CA