I chose to install a jet system in order to cope with shallow water conditions and the occasional rapids associated with this route. Obviously, the extended journey made the notion of a cabin seem attractive.

I will attach a few photos of the boat that were taken about six weeks ago when the engine was being installed. I have a good friend who is a mechanic who did the engine installation for me; otherwise, all work on the boat was done without any assistance.

By the way, just so you know, about three years ago I built a Rob Roy canoe that my son and I have enjoyed enormously. This year I made a couple modifications to that craft--a small oak keel to make it track a little better and a removable backrest that permits easier paddling when sitting on the floor of the canoe. I haven't yet tried out these modifications and neither have I taken any photos of them. I'll keep you posted.

I would be happy to communicate with other builders and dreamers. My e-mail address is hampson@geog.utah.edu.

Thanks for providing me with remarkably intelligible plans and very helpful advice whenever I called.

Best Wishes,
Spike Hampson