Subject: Tunnel Mite project
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004

Well, last summer came and went, project after project, a sailing adventure in the Caribbean, new roof on the house and on and on. Installing Heat in the barn helped the Tunnel Might project immensely!

Finally got to launch it this July (2004). Every body loves this boat. Gets a lot of looks and comments here on Golden Pond (Squam Lake, N. H. )

I picked up several Motors on E-Bay, First was a 1968 20 HP Merc with a 11 pitch prop and a 1987 25 hp Merc with a 13 pitch propeller. the 20 hp weighs 97 lb and the 25 is just over 110.

With the 20 hp motor I was able to make 25 MPH measured with a GPS and with the 25 HP it made 30 MPH. I weigh 185 lb and the fuel tank is a 3 Gallon plastic tank. The floor is covered with a 1" thick closed cell foam pad, not to much weight there. Add a paddle, fire extinguisher and whistle to keep it legal and It is ready to go.

With the steering, I decided it go with something more modern, rack and pinion. To get the wheel as high as possible I flipped the mechanism over, bringing the cable out the port side and crossing over behind the drivers position and looping around the motor and the rack assembly is tilted about 30 degrees. The steering assembly was installed before the deck was put on, but I think I could remove and reinstall it if I had to, I hope I never find out!

The boat handles real well though it took a little getting use to the fact that the boat tends to pull to the right if it leans left and visa versa, probable due to my weight.

I'm hoping to get a little more speed with a steeper pitch prop as both motors run at about 7000 RPM, at the high end of there power bands. Maybe some one could recommend a better prop pitch.

Peter Nicola