Well Barry : I think it's a modified Missile for the Canadian Great lakes and the Niagara River actually. My Dad built it back in 1957. It's 17 foot 1 inch long with a little more free board than usual,with a fresh 352 Cu In Ford Thunderbird Engine that's been fairly heavily massaged into a solid 350 Hp motor that drives a Casale with a 24% overdrive. If you turn the wheel just a little bit and give it about 3/4 throttle, you can look over your shoulder and see the hole you dug in the water behind you.

I sure am glad there are people like you out there, because without you there would not be this boat or the support that is required in rebuilding it.

Still waiting for the exhaust tips to come back from rechroming and then we are into the steering. More pictures to come soon. I'm glad you like it.