12 July 2004

Hi Barry, long time. You still replying to these? I finally have a nice shot for a follow up to webletter 52 featuring my steering system cable. This shows the final look. I clamped it down, wrapped it with yellow electricians tape and then painted it to match the hull. It has been suggested to me, to paint the copper clamps to match. But, I like the look of copper as it ages.

Something else you may find interesting, is my idea for comfort and control. After I ditched the idea of a seat, I wondered what I'd wind up kneeling on. I don't want a pad sliding around at 40+ mph whipping a left hand turn. So, I cannabalized my favorite kneeboard and laminated down the deep knee-cup pad to my floorboard. I even mounted the strap so it will keep me right where I need to be. Like a racecar driver harness, it might keep me from bouncing out. I hope. Similiarly, I made a criss-cross lash down for the gas tank. I wouldn't want it to bounce up and then come down on my toes. I used stainless steel eyebolts and a pair of motorcycle tie-downs. As for the turning fin, I followed your plans exactly... I'll include a shot of that, too. The boat has floatation foam from front to back. In the front, the sponsons are full of foam; and in the rear it's behind the coamings from the dash to the transom. The engine is sporting a white doel-fin for help planing off.