Glen-L marine designs

Building the Lily Pad

by Doug Wolven and the Frogs

Drawings from the class of 2003-04
Latest photo: July 07

Doug Wolven is a second grade teacher and amateur boatbuilder. He and his brother built the Glen-L 10 21 years ago. It is presently being used by his second graders as a reading center. He has also built the Dinky and the Minuet sailboat that he named Ark.    "We have loved sailing Minuet most of all."

The Glen-L 10 is currently being converted into an electric motor scow called Sparky Elmo.

For the past two years Doug has involved his second grade class in his latest boatbuilding project, the Bo-Jest. The future boat has been named "Lily Pad" and his second grade builders call themselves, the "Frogs". The Bo-Jest is a long-term project involving Doug's second grade classes and his assembly at home. These pages will detail the project as it progresses. For privacy, each of the frogs have pseudonyms: Leopard Seal, Princess, Bilbo Baggins, Jack Rabbit, Elekid, etc.

"My kids and I are excited to give you something that will demonstrate how simple it is to have seven-year-olds accomplish as much as they do in construction."

Doug Wolven with 3 Frogs