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Stitch and Glue Kits

Stitch and Glue Kits are a must for building our Stitch and Glue boats. These kits include copper stitching wire, screws and boat nail fasteners (if required), silica and microspheres fillers, fiberglass tape for inside laminates, plus POXY-SHIELD epoxy resin for gluing, making fillets, encapsulating the interior, and applying interior laminates. Each kit is specifically intended for the Stitch and Glue boat you are building.


For many designs there are two kits available: A and B. The A Kit is the less expensive. This kit includes the materials described above and is meant to be used in conjunction with the Fiberglass Covering Kit. Kit B is used when you do not intend to fiberglass the outside. In addition to the material in the A Kit, tape and resin is supplied to tape the outside seams.
Note: It is always necessary to have fiberglass on both the inside and outside of planking junctions. Since most boats are fiberglassed, the Fiberglass Kit frequently supplies the only outside lamination. If you do not fiberglass the outside, you must use the B Stitch-N-Glue Kit if there are A and B options.


For a complete project, order both the Stitch and Glue Kit and the Fiberglass Covering Kit that contain materials for the inside and outside of the boat plus enough resin and hardener to encapsulate the boat. Stitch and Glue Kits do not include plans and patterns.

Visit our Online Catalog for more information.


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