Cruisette: Builders' Diary, Part 3

Ron & Devy Porter

Days 33 and 34 (Mar 19, 2006): The boat survived the turn and it's on the trailer

This is the weekend we turn the boat. I had a few things to do first. Like finish the trailer! There wasn't much left to do. About six hours of hole drilling (two triple layers of 1/4" steel in a less than ideal position) and mounting the boat cradle. I also had to prep for the turn with some protective padding in strategic spots. As you can see, there isn't a lot of room to play with.

Okay, is everybody here? Cameron is missing, but that's all right--let's go!

The team. From left to right we have Debbie, Jessica, Ron (me), Geoff (part owner of Crestline and the guy who suggested I use a corner of their shop to build this thing), Bruce (former co-worker from Heinze), Gary (co-worker), Ed (Dev's brother), Jay (our son), Adam (our nephew, Debbie's eldest), and Mom.

Holy mackerel! It's on its side already!

Picking up to put it on the trailer.


And we're down!

So that's what it's supposed to look like right-side up. Not all those goofy photo-edits!

The team is ready to eat, even Cam (extreme left).

And now we have a few shots, of the innards...

... and a few more from other vantage points. It sits pretty high on the trailer. That could make it challenging to get it on and off at the water's edge, but we have a pretty steep launch ramp to deep water and we only have to do that a couple of times a year. We do have plans to build a proper trailer, but the budget just wasn't there this year.

Thanks team!

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