Featured Design: Glen-L 25 (cont'd)

The race was mostly a downwind run under spinnaker with heavy wind and sea conditions, with the boat frequently surfing at instrument speeds in excess of 14 knots, according to the skipper. The "Puffer" rates at 222 under the PHRF, which is comparable to much larger (and supposedly faster) production boats of so-called "modern" and "advanced" design. Of course, the Glen-L 25 can be built for about ½ the cost of those production boats. Congratulations to Woody and his crew of 4 (including 2 sons) on a job well done in building and sailing.

You can build this 25' sloop with a single cabin aft cockpit or with a fore and aft cabin and a center cockpit. The design is available for either plywood (GLEN-L 25) or fiberglass (GLEN-L 25FG) construction. Each is an entirely separate set of plans, although the rig is the same in all cases.

The "25" is easily towed and launched because the centerboard retracts into the hull. The combination centerboard/ballast keel provides positive stability at all sailing angles, plus the ability to enter shoal waters. Handling of the simple masthead sloop rig is an easy job, as all sheets lead to the cockpit.

For more information, bills of materials, and customer photos click on the following links:

Glen-L 25

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As has been proven by winning prestigious races and by the fact that these popular designs have successfully cruised from the Pacific coast to Hawaii (quite an accomplishment for a boat of its size), both the Ensenada 25 and the Glen-L 25 have a superior pedigree, having been designed by one of the foremost designers and teams in the field of marine architects and engineers in the world. And you can build them yourself!