The 8' MiniMaxed


Length overall: 8'
Beam: 4'
Hull depth: 7 1/2"
Hull weight ( approx.): 70 lbs.
Cockpit: Length: 5' 6"
Width, maximum: 32"
Passengers (normal): 1
Hull type: Arc bottom, hard chine hull developed for sheet plywood.
Power: Single short shaft outboard motor to 5 HP
Trailer: Designed for use with GLEN L, Series 650 trailer.

MINIMAXED is a fun boat. It's not intended for rough water and will be wet in a chop. But it's a boat kids love, yes "kids" of all ages enjoy it. This isn't our opinion, written to enhance the boat; it's a fact reported by the many builders.

This is a safe boat. There are watertight (foam filled optional) compartments that will support several hundred pounds even with the cockpit full of water. And with a beam half the length, the boat is exceptionally stable.

Simplicity of building and a lot of boat for the buck were undoubtedly major attractions for the original and this holds true today. We've simplified it even further and utilized modern composites and materials unheard of in the sixties. Full size patterns are furnished for virtually every part in the boat that isn't a straight member; this includes bottom, sides, and deck.

No complicated building form is required. The hull is formed by patterned framing members that are an integral part of the boat. The construction takes advantage of Stitch-n-Glue construction to eliminate shaping, beveling, and fitting many components. The main part of the building is conventional plywood construction as was the original.

The MINIMAXED requires only three sheets of standard 1/4" x 4' x 8' plywood plus a few solid lumber strips. Use the full size patterns, duplicate them to the wood with transfer paper and you're on the way. An ideal father and son or daughter project with the reward of lots of fun when the project is completed.

Additional Drawing

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for transom, bulkhead, longitudinals, sides, bottom, deck, motor board, knee, coaming, and steering wheel mount, PLUS detailed drawings, Instructions, Bill of Materials, Fastening Schedule, and "Stitch-n-Glue Manual".
Plans & Patterns: $55.00

Stitch-N-Glue Kit
This hull is built by a combination of Stitch-n-Glue and conventional plywood construction. Two kits are available, "A" and "B". Kit A is used when the exterior is to be fiberglass covered and requires less material than Kit B that furnishes additional laminate material required on exterior seams not fiberglassed.

  • Stitch-N-Glue Kit A: Includes POXY SHIELD epoxy resin with hardener to encapsulate the interior, gluing, make fillets and apply fiberglass tape, fillers for thickening, fiberglass material for seams, and application tools, brushes, rollers, and squeegee, copper stitching wire, PLUS all bronze fasteners, screws and nails, required to build the boat.
    Order #74-464A. Shipped FOB, Approximate shipping weight: 15 lbs.
    Stitch-N-Glue Kit A: $95.70

  • Stitch-N-Glue Kit B: Includes everything listed in Kit A plus additional fiberglass materials for the outside seams.
    ORDER #74-464B. Shipped FOB, approximate shipping weight: 41 lbs.
    Stitch-N-Glue Kit B:

Fiberglass Covering Kit
No shopping required! Everything you need to properly cover your plywood MINIMAXED bottom, sides, transom, and deck with first quality treated fiberglass cloth. Includes Poxy Shield epoxy resin and hardener, fiberglass cloth in the correct sizes, plus brushes, rollers, and squeegees for application.
ORDER #71-464 Shipped FOB, approximate shipping weight: 37 lbs.
Fiberglass Covering Kit: $213.92