Console Skiff: Cradle/Dolly


I believe that I have accomplished all of these. Before I decided on a design, I consulted others on your Boatbuilder Connection forum. I received several useful replies from others that have built their own. On your direction, I found the references to the cradle in the building instructions.

My cradle is roughly 8 feet by 5 feet. I used standard pine lumber for all of the pieces and 3" long wood screws. The longitudinal members are standard 2x6 boards. The cross members are 2x8 boards. In the center of one of the 2x8 boards, I scribed the bottom hull angle using the transom as a guide. On the other, I scribed the bottum hull angle using the temporary form as a guide. Each 2x8 was then cut as seen in the photo. On the inside of each corner, I installed corner bracing made from 2x4 with 45% angle cuts on each end. To make it portable, I purchased and installed basic heavy-duty 3 inch "dolly" wheels from a local home improvement store. The wheels were installed on another small 2x4 that was mounted on the bottom of each corner.

The cradle is working very well. I have been able to roll the hull into and out of my garage with ease. I also find it very helpful in the garage when you need a little extra room on the side of the boat that you are working on.

Thanks for your help and I am really enjoying building this boat!

Dan Hehn
Norfolk, MA