Aug. 10, 1961
M. A. Vistica
Gladstone, Ore.

Dear Sir:

You have seen the enclosed pictures by now - one of which you already have is the Missile, which took a drag trophy in 50-55 class. It went just over 54 mph with a stock 283 cu, in., 230 hp with 4-barrel carburetor and hydraulic lifters, 4500 rpm. The boat has no cavitation plate and is using a 12 x 13 cupped wheel and 12% overdrive. I have since sold the Missile, less engine, primarily because I couldn't use it in the SK Class.

The other picture is of course, your Malahini design, with Seapower set at 2 degrees, using 11 x 9 puller wheel and stock Ford 60 with gas tank in the bow. Boat performs very well, especially with skiers in tow. The 2 degrees seemed to work very well. The boat and motor combination makes a top speed of about 35 mph. I am selling this combination also, because I want an SK Class boat.

A good friend of mine- Bill Tripp from this area, was in your plant on vacation last June. As you probably know, he is building the Audeen.

There are 3 Missiles in the Portland area that I know of, and at least 3 more are being built, or will be this winter.

M.A. Vistica

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