Ray Moran


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Ray Moran's "lowered" version of the Glen-L Cracker Box. The man in the driver seat is George Smith, who has his own Cracker Box, which he races. George met Ray through Glen-L and contributed parts for Ray's latest boat projects. George who is in his low seventies, upgraded the motor in his Cracker Box from a 283 to a 350 Chevy. At a speed of 69.659 mph, he could not keep up with a friend who had a 350, hence the change.

Ray Moran beside his Cracker Box. The local authorities were hasseling him for having a race boat at local Marine Stadium. He tried to convince them that it wasn't a race boat, it had a transmission... but they wouldn't buy it.

The motor in the Cracker Box was made up of donated, scounged and fabricated parts.

View of the transmission.

Rudder bracket and cavitation plates on the Cracker Box transom.

Standing by the Cracker Box are Ray (on right) and his cousin.

The Mist Miss.

Ray has spare hardware from the Glen-L 14. He sailed the boat for many years and eventually tried to give it away, less hardware, but found no takers. The hardware will be used on Ray's next project, the Glen-L Alpha 2.

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