Date: Wed, 26 May 2004
Subject: Fwd: Guest Book Entry

Barry Witt & Gayle Brantuk:

I added some more data about the boat & engine. I will follow through with pictures of the boat. My father is now 96 years old. I'm 69. I was 23 while building the boat. We still reminisce about our working on the boat & trailer. It was a great building project with ones father. The outcome of us working together built a boat that would be different to one that was built by one of us. So, thank you for making available the plans that made this Father-Son project possible. We only changed the top-side look and seating. The rest of the boat was per your plans. Your experience in designing boats made our boat perform properly the first time out. My son has taken a liking to our home-made boat, so I think it will be around for awhile.

Thanks, John Knauss 05/26/04

More photos