Next Sunday morning I pulled the boat off the trailer, converted it... I think you get the picture. Off to the Home Depot I go. Got some more 2x4's and some bags of top soil, screws and shims. Brought all back home, unloaded, converted the trailer and... anyone? You're right, I went fishing. The same day I began constructing my "floor". Simple frame made out of 2x4's sixteen feet long, four feet wide with the 2x4's two feet apart. Pictures explain this better than words. Weighted it down with bags of top soil, put some two by's as legs and used shims to level everything off. It went quite good with some help from the family and I began constructing the form the very next day. I got it almost all done when for some reason found myself short couple of pieces of wood. This was a really tough choice... go back to HD or fishing. HD or fishing? HD or fishing? HD or fishing? FISHING!!!!!!

Two days later I went to Home Depot to get the rest of the 2x4's on my lunch time since I got one close to my work and I can fit quite a few 8 footers in the Neon. Yeah, I was surprised myself. So a few hours after work here and there and the form was ready. Next weekend poured, so I was not able to do much besides fishing. Anyways the weekend after that was THE BIG ONE. I got three frames out and started setting them up on the form. The 2x4's spacing them were laid out to within an 1/8 of an inch by the plans, but when I set the frames and check the numbers I was 3/4 of an inch out... what the heck, I've checked those numbers a couple of times and could not find an error but there it was. Oh well, maybe I'm getting old. So I've moved two 2 bys and attached the frames. Braced them level and plumb – ah perfection. Set the keel on top and... I have about an inch gap between the keel and frame number 2. OK what's going on. There is no way I could've been that much off with the frames. So I'm standing there and looking, looking, looking... Nothing. I went to the other side of the boat – looking, looking. DUH!!!!! The frame number three is sitting on TOP of the crossbrace while the other two are sitting lower as they should. I guess I was driving too fast.

Got to go right now but I will get back to you soon.

Thanks for the story; it will appear in the next WebLetter. By the way...
you talk a lot about fishing, do you ever catch anything?

"My primary reason to go out on the water is to relax. Catching fish is a very nice bonus. However my wife prepares fish for dinner once a week and I have not bought any in three years. We also serve fish on big family gatherings and never lack. As a matter of fact recently we have been releasing most of the catch. Now we don't catch BIIIIIIIG ones but sometimes... well they say a picture is worth a thousand words...