Boatbuilding with Aluminum-Second Edition

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by Stephen F. Pollard
Index, appendices, glossary, over 190 illustrations, diagrams, charts, and tables, 320 pages, 7 1/2" x 9 1/2", hardcover.
Aluminum is becoming increasingly popular with home boatbuilders: it's economical, light weight, maintenance free, nearly impervious to corrosion, less easily damaged, and more easily repaired. It can be cut and worked with conventional woodworking tools, and using the author's techniques, can be welded with readily available equipment. Only a lack of information has kept aluminum from becoming a viable material for the backyard builder. In Boatbuilding with Aluminum, readers learn aluminum fabrication, welding, and lofting through the construction of a 20 foot McKenzie River drift boat. More advanced aluminum-forming techniques and large yacht construction are covered in detail, using specific examples, to enable the reader to build aluminum boats of any size. Stephen Pollard is a master of the craft who has built hundreds of aluminum boats, from large ocean racers to water-jet riverboats, and has pioneered many of the techniques used in modern welded aluminum boat manufacturing.
Second edition includes coverage of computer-aided lofting and cutting.