Estimating Costs

These pages contain costs of various components required to build a camper or trailer. Not all items are listed, but there should be enough to give you a rough estimate of completed cost.

The prices on these pages were all obtained in August 1999. We arbitrarily used suppliers listed on our "Suppliers and Links" page. Other than Hehr International we know very little about these suppliers, whether they are the best sources or least expensive, we don't know. We suggest you use the prices for estimating purposes only and shop before making any purchases.

It may be possible to obtain some of the more expensive components (refrigerators) from RV repair companies or salvage companies.

To estimate the cost of the unit you are interested in, see the check list below, decide what options you desire and see the various links at the bottom of this page for information or actual prices.

For a basic camper or trailer you will need the following:



Aluminum skin Aluminum skin
Windows Windows
Entrance door Entrance door
Wood/plywood Wood/plywood
Appliances Appliances
Plumbing Plumbing
Electical Electrical
- - Axles
- - Steel

Aluminum Skin Windows Entrance doors
Wood Appliances Electrical
Plumbing Steel Trailer axles