GLEN-L Plans & Patterns packages are the BEST available. Here's why...

GLEN-L is the name of proven quality in the do-it-yourself field, and we gained this reputation simply by offering the best R-V plans available. There may be other so-called "bargain" plans available, however, we doubt that you will find ALL of what we provide in our various Plans & Pattern packages regardless of the price. Remember, the value of a good set of plans will be repaid many times over by preventing mistakes and wasted time, not to mention shoddy construction and possible safety hazards to your family.

Only GLEN-L offers all of these features...

Plans: With our Plans you receive a unique "package" that is complete and intended just for the R-V you have selected. All our plans are intended for amateurs who may have little or no experience reading blueprints. They are based on decades of experience providing plans to the amateur builder and cover all phases of the construction. The quality of our plans is so highly respected that you have no doubt seen them featured many times in national magazine articles.

Instructions: Our voluminous GLEN-L Construction Manuals are furnished with all Campers and Travel Trailers. These manuals are the finest available and include numerous photos of the construction taken during the prototype development. Our Husky & Outback include step-by-step instructions as a part of the PLANS. In short, we leave nothing to chance.

Material Listings & Layouts: All campers, travel trailers, and pick-up covers have material listings of wood and fastenings for the basic structure so you can determine costs before construction begins. Camper plans come with material layouts so you can cut the plywood with a minimum of waste. Travel Trailers have listings which tell you what plywood panels to use and where.

Patterns: Only GLEN-L provides a real full size patterns system to simplify and speed construction of the sidewalls of your camper, travel trailer, or pick-up cover. No additional layouts are required. You assemble directly over the pattern sheets we provide thereby assuring the size, shape and symmetry of your recreational vehicle.
With this system you receive a full-length pattern for campers giving all contours and positions of sidewall members. With travel trailers you receive full height patterns giving the contours and positions of sidewall members at front and rear ends to perfectly "key-in" the simple GLEN-L sidewall construction. You also get full size patterns for the wheel well cutouts and for the cambered roof beams of the trailer. We know that the value of our pattern system will exceed many times the price of the package.

The sidewalls of the "IMPORTER" camper are being assembled over the full size pattern. All members, contours, and openings will be correctly sized and located by using these patterns, plus both walls will be identical for accuracy in building. Construction is fast and easy, even for beginners.

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