Subject: Trail-A-Camp
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000
From: Teddy Panganiban

Trail-a-camp / Teddy Panganiban / / Feb 15, 2000/Quezon City, Philippines.

I have just completed the Trail-A-Camp camper trailer after six weeks of construction. I used it for the first time last weekend. I brought it to the campsite at Lake Caliraya in Cavinti, Province of Laguna about 110 km southeast of Quezon City which is about 1,000 ft above sea level. It took us three and a half hours to get there along hilly and winding two lane roads. The camper worked fine and was solid and stable during the trip. It was chore though to setup, specially the roof which required two able bodied men and a sedentary guy like me (total of three) to carry on top of the pipe tube poles and screw into the waste nuts.

I was surprised by the roominess and it was very comfortable to sleep in. This is my first experience sleeping in a camper. I slept in a tent before and didn't like it.

The following are the pictures.


My 12 ft Mercury QuickSilver inflatable boat on top of the Trail-a-Camp about to be unloaded at the bottom of the ramp.The polyester fiberglass laminate is painted with white two part epoxy primer and enamel. The hardtop is painted with two part urethane leftover from my Roustabout boat project.

The door side of the Trail-a-Camp

The door side of the camper. The appliance beside the propane tank is a portable air conditioner which I wasn't able to use as it was a cool 75 F at the campsite last weekend.


The other side of the camper with the vinyl canvas siding lifted.The vertical black lines are Velcro strips. That's my wife Beth left and daughter Angela right, nieces Carina and Karen middle. I had problems finding twelve inch wheels to fit the Wiily's jeep type hubs so I used 14 inch magwheels with low profile tires to fit the 24 inch wheel wells. Can't get trailer hubs here but there are lots of jeep and light truck hubs/axles available at the surplus shops.

Trail-a-Camp interior

I finished the whole interior with formica, yellow for the counter/cabinet and table top and white for the walls, seats and cabinet doors. Marble looking vinyl tiles were used for the floor.

Teddy Panganiban