Acapulco camper sides 1

19 November 2005

Alcapulco Dave and Michelle Doty; Pella, Iowa.
In the last 2 months we have worked on collecting parts and lumber for our project. Many things were purchased on E-bay, including the windows, door, cushions for the seating and pump faucet for the sink. We found a nice surplus store in Elkart, Indiana that we have also purchased many items including the stove top, vent hood, roof vents, and a small fresh water holding tank. We modified the pattern slightly to fit our truck and also to give it a little more modern look. The front has been angled back instead of forward, we have rounded corners on our windows so we custom made some corner blocks for the window cut outs. On Nov. 14th the first piece of wood was cut! The next night, much to Dave's surprise, I cut all the pieces for the 2 side members. Nov. 19th we were able to assemble the sides! We used glue and 1 x 5/8" staples for each joint. It worked great! Having a great time building it and it's wonderful to spend quality time together! Looking forward to a nice winter project!

Acapulco camper sides 2

Acapulco camper sides 3

Acapulco camper sides 14