Everglade by Barry Bowles

17 November 2007

My name is Barry Bowles & I’m building Everglade. I am about half way through the building and thought I’d send you some pic’s. It’s being built in a garage and is quite hard to get good pic’s due to close quarters but you’ll get the idea.

I started in April 07 and took most of July and August off. I live in Las Vegas and it was very hot in the garage. I’m back to work now. Over the last 2 weeks I was able to frame out the openings thru the street side wall for things like water heater, refrigerator lower vent, outdoor shower, and the 2 windows on that side.
I still need to insulate that side and I am skinning the camper with filon so I have to put on a layer of 1/8” luan plywood.
I also got the water tank mounted & plumbed in. It got a half wall in front of it to enclose it & to support the forward dinette seat. It also act as a step up to the bed.
Last weekend I got the closet framed in and a frame for the counter and got the stove set into it. I was able to get the Dinette 90% finished as well.
I’ll give an update after the first of the year.