Grand View by Tim MacDonald

22 February 2008

My name is Tim MacDonald and I am building a Grand View camper. My family and I have been looking at truck campers for years. They are very expensive now so I have decided to try to build one.

I have limited woodworking skills but I am a fast learner (Jack of all Trades kind). My Dad is a great woodworker and I remember watching him on lots of projects. I have a new Ram 1500 long bed quad cab. While this is great because of the long bed the GVRW is not so great so I am limited to around 1500lbs. The Grand view weighs aprox. 1700 they say so I need to have it go on a diet. I am only putting 2 windows in it, omitting the front cab cabinets and replacing them with wire shelving. I have relocated the back door to the side and am I am not going to build the bathroom and adjoining closet. For the table and seating I am designing and L-shaped sectional and have found a company that will make the cushions for it.

Here are some pictures and steps I have taken so far.

1/12/08 - Ordered plans and modified the picture of how it will look.

1/20/08 - Laid plans out on plywood.

1/25/08 - Framed Right and Left side.

1/29/08 - Skinned sides with interior plywood.

2/1/08 - Built front part.

Family photo.

I am surprised how fast the first part is. I am working on the box now and it is taking a little time. I am hoping to finish by May 23rd for camping but this may be wishful thinking. I have bought a lot of things from Ebay and the local RV shop has a lot of stuff too.

Mountain House, CA