Grand View by Tim MacDonald

18 March 2009

Here are the latest pictures.

  1. I am not good at cabinetry so I installed Home Depot Kitchen cabinets - about $300 worth.
  2. I use Melamie wood for the interior walls - $20 each.
  3. Got a 10 gal. fresh water tank for $28.
  4. Got the stove from ebay for $50.
  5. I installed the front outside skin with luan plywood. I am using luan plywood for the skin and will paint with a marine paint. It is too expensive to install aluminum or lexan.
  6. I am using LED's for all lights. Should reduce my electrical demand.
  7. Standard Home Depot Sink - $30.
  8. I am not having hot water so I connected the hot side of the faucet to the incoming city water line. This will protect my lines from high pressure water without a regulator. I have the cold side hooked into my tank and pump. This also has the benefit of filling my tank by connecting the city water and opening my cold water faucet handle. The water backfills the tank then.