Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000
From: Jason R Moore

Acapulco camper construction

Dear Barry,
Thanks for the reply. The following is an update. I will try and get some photos scanned and sent to you.

The camper is near completion! After working tirelessly through moody springtime weather, the camper is almost ready for the aluminum skin.

In order to modernize the look of the camper, I tilted the angle of the front face sloping it backward instead of forward, and made a variety of gussets to round the edges. It looks splendid!

The floor and wings took a lot of time, but well worth the effort. I can't stress enough how important it is to get these babies SQUARE or when you build the back of the camper, you will have some problems. I suggest putting a makeshift brace on them out of scrapwood (holding them square) while you get the back ready.

I have been happy with the way the foam core insultation works for the spaces in between the sidewalls and framwork. I would recommend using it rather than conventional fiberglass insulation.

Acapulco sides installed on base

I was able to swing a deal with a camper outfit to give me a good price on some rounded windows that look more modern than the square variety, and got a door from a wrecking yard off of a brand new 5th wheel that had been rolled. Too bad for that guy, but good for me...It only cost me 60 bucks and it looks like the newer style of door that you see on the new campers.

The wiring is completed and didn't take long to wire the exterior running lights as well as the interior 12V lighting system. I am not going to put the 110 in just for the fact that I don't use campgrounds and prefer not to use it.

Hoping to get the alumnium skin on in the next couple of weeks. It will be the most expenisve item, as it is about $3 per square foot. Ouch!

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