Saturday, October 25, 2003
Acapulco Truck Camper


Back in Feb 2002 I ordered Acapulco construction plans from Glen-L recreation and marine design, to make a truck camper. Well I have completed the camper this spring 2003 and have enjoyed it this summer on several fishing trips, to northern Ontario and Quebec. Let me tell you, camping in a tent for 23 years and now camping in my truck camper is like going to the hotel Ritz.

I truly enjoyed building the camper, which involved most of two years to complete; following the plans was very straight forward. As you can see from the pictures I did change the design to make the camper look more modern. I used knotless cedar and pine to construct the frame, which I mostly purchased from the (Friends of Humanity) used construction materials store. I found all kinds of goodies there at great prices. I glued and screwed all joints; the glue I used was a premium urethane all weather glue, using outside deck screws to fasten everything together.

For the exterior sides I used 4 x 8 x 1/8 thick door skins, to protect the skins from moisture penetration, I painted both sides and ends with two coats of outside C.I.L. undercoat house paint, I also painted the entire framework with the same paint, to inhibit moisture penetration. After construction was completed I painted the entire camper with a premium outside house paint.