Fife Notes

Shaun Auman sent in photos of his Fife (Customer Photos). As someone had asked me whether I thought the Fife would be stable enough for flyfishing; I asked Shawn...

Subject: Fife and fly fishing
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 15:53:22 -0600
From: Shawn Auman


I think the Fife would be stable enough for fly-fishing. I used to fly fish myself from a canoe. The Fife will roll some but will not go over. I tried to see how far it would roll to the side before taking on water. I am sure it can be done but was unable to make it that day. You would probably have to stand on one side. I think some of the comfort comes from being closer to the water than a canoe. Forgive me for comparing her to a canoe. (That is what most people think of when they see her on the water.) It might be small for more that one fly fisherman. But is much better than a canoe and easier to get to where the fish are than any flat bottom rowboat.

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