Sliding Rowing Seat

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Sliding seat plans

Sliding Seat as built by Gary Williams


Build your own sliding seat rowing rig. It's easy and fun with Full Size Patterns and simple step-by-step instructions. Built of wood and other readily obtainable materials, the unit weighs only 19 lbs. Designed to be independent of the hull; lift it out as a unit for transporting. Clog spacing and angle are fully adjustable and the seat rolls with nylon sheave wheels on an aluminum rod track. (NOTE: These Plans & Patterns are included with the SCULLING SKIFF.)


Sliding rowing seat hardware

Sliding Seat Hardware Package

Includes all of the hardware pieces described in the plans and patterns package that are required to build your own SLIDING SEAT assembly. Complete with: stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers, screws, threaded rod, plus track, sheaves, heel cups, instep leathers, buttons, and sculling oarlocks. Why run all over town looking for the right pieces, let Glen-L do it for you. UPS shippable, weight approx. 5 lbs. See "Sliding Seat Hardware Package" on Price List. Hardware Kit does not include Plans and Patterns.

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