Whitehall Bill of Materials - Fiberglass Version

HULL MATERIAL LISTING: The following listing is an estimate of the materials to build the hull. The material listing is intended to serve as a general guide only and should not be used to purchase materials until the various options and alternatives have been checked to the plans, to the work, and to the materials which may be available in the area where the hull will be built. The listing is only an estimate, especially in consideration of the use of numerous laminated members, and may vary with the amount of waste encountered in the work and other variables. Figures for materials listed include an overage factor or allow cutting and trimming to size. The builder should NOT purchase any lumber until this section is read and to size. The builder should NOT purchase any lumber until this section is read and understood. Do NOT purchase any NET sized lumber unless the size noted is specifically listed as "NET". All lumber thickness specified should be purchased as standard lumberyard finished as full as possible except for lumber specifically noted as NET. It is a common mistake for builders to see a lumber thickness noted, for example, as 1" stock, thinking that this is the NET or actual thickness required, then attempt to purchase this and find that it must be custom milled to thickness. Such is NOT the case. Instead, when lumber is listed as 1" stock, it is purchased as "four-quarters" material which will finish from 3/4" to 7/8" in net or actual finished thickness. This means that custom milling is not required and the standard lumberyard variation in finished thickness has been allowed for in the design. This is intended to save the builder money. All widths, however, are listed as net. Grouping lumber and purchasing "random-random" material to resaw to the required size will result in a considerable savings. All lumber required should be checked to the work for accuracy before purchasing wherever possible. All lumber should be first grade free from knots, shakes, checks, or other defects.

NOTE: In the following listing, all wood members can be Philippine or Honduras mahogany. Other species may be optional as described in the previous text. The listing does not include materials for any temporary members such as the station forms or building form; these members are noted on Sheet 3 of 3 of the plans and Sheet 2 of 2 of the patterns.

Transom (plywood optional) 1" x 4" x 18'
1" x 6" x 2'-6"
Stem cap laminations 1/8" net (*) x 1-3/4" wide 50 lin. ft.
Breasthook laminations 1/8" net (*) x 1" wide 50 lin. ft.
Stern and thwart knee laminations 1/8" net (*) x 3/4" wide 100 lin. ft.
Risers 5/8" net x 1-1/4" x 15' 4
Sheer clamps 5/8" net x 1-1/4" x 18' 2
Rub rails 5/8" net x 1-1/4" x 18' 2
Thwarts 1" x 8" x 2'-6"
1" x 8" x 4'-0"
1" x 8" x 4'-6"
Stern bench 1" x 1-1/4" x 3'
1" x 1-1/2" x 2'
1" x 9" x 5'-6"
1" x 6" x 5'
1" x 6" x 2'
1 (makes 2)
Thwart posts 1-1/8" dowels or eq. x 3' 1 (makes 4)
Floorboard cleats 1" x 1-1/4" x 2' 7
Floorboards 1/2" net x 3" x 13' 7
(*) Depending on bending qualities of wood, thickness may need to be decreased. Test bends first to determine required thickness and adjust listing accordingly.
  • Fiberglass planking (CF-39) - 130 sq. ft.
  • Fiberglass cloth - 7-1/2 oz. - 6 sq. yds.
  • >
  • Fiberglass woven roving - 18 oz. - 136 sq. ft (17 lbs.)
  • Fiberglass mat - 1 oz. - 480 sq. ft. (30 lbs.)
  • Resin - polyester non-thixotropic for initial coat of fiberglass planking - 3 gals.
  • Resin - polyester laminating - 10 gals.
  • Catalyst - sufficient for 13 gallons of resin