Bo-Jest Notes

RE: engines.

The weight of a 20hp engine varies from 200lbs to 360lbs. What's the maximum engine weight for this boat?
ANS: Motor is over the CB so varying motor weights will not affect balance. In calculating the displacement, 240 lbs was used.

Suggestion: most of the other boat descriptions, except for the (BO-JEST) have all of this information. please include it .

  • Displacement: 2660
  • Max engine weight: See above
  • Max cargo weight: Displacement is figured with all gear aboard and passengers. 505 lbs. additional will increase draft 1".
  • Max speed: 6 to 8 knots
  • Max range: Diesel: 20 hp will consume 1 gal/hour (approx 8 knots/gal). This is a variable figure depending on conditions and proper propeller. Using more actual hp than 10 hp will decrease range. Designed fuel capacity: 26 gals; could be increased.

Underwater hardware

These prices are correct as of October, 2009. Contact us for current prices.
* Item numbers starting with "9" are in our Inboard Hardware Catalog. Other items not listed in price list.
** The Stern Bearing Housing currently available is 2-1/4" wide and the skeg on the Bo Jest is 2". The skeg will need to be widened to accomodate this housing.

Item Item Number Details Price*
Rudder 10RS2BR1.0 11.5"(top)x14.5"(ht)x9.5"(btm)
shaft: 1", pintle: 7/8"
18 lbs.
Skeg Bar 92-600 1/2"x2"x30"
12 lbs. - Can be drilled to suit rudder above
Tiller 90-028 1" $42.00
Rudder Port 90-102 1" shaft $63.50
Stern Bearing Housing 92-700** 1" shaft, oval
3.5 lbs.
Stern Bearing 93-001 1" shaft $81.30
Propeller Shaft 90-734 1" shaft, length varies $175.00
Propeller 91-25_ 13" x varies $390.00
Shaft Log 90-195 1" shaft $64.50
Stuffing Box - Packing Type 90-223 1" shaft $39.50
Hose 90-232 For Shaft Log/Stuffing Box Assembly $9.50
Clamps 90-818 2 Needed $2.10 each

Construction Profile Drawing