#883 a 49' traditional cruising yacht Build in

Length overall 49'-0"
Length waterline 44'-0"
Beam 15'-6"
Hull draft 4'-2"
Displacement 33,948 lbs.
Freeboard forward 7'-11"
Freeboard aft 4'-10"
Hull depth 12'-1"
Height less mast 16'-11"
Headroom 6'-3" to 6'-9"
Cockpit size 6'-0" x 13'-6"
Cockpit depth 36"
Deckhouse size 10'-3" x 16'-3"
Pilothouse size 10'-3" x 12'-6"
Boat deck size 14'-0" x 16'-3"
Fuel capacity 840 gals.
Cruising range 1300 miles at 12 knots
Fresh water capacity 315 gals.
Sleeping accommodations 8-9
Hull type: Semi-displacement, hard chine hull with practical cruising speed of 12 knots continuous and up to 14 knots intermittently. Bottom design features deep bulbous forefoot with reverse curve at chine. Triple diagonal cold-molded plywood to 1 1/8" net bottom thickness. Topsides feature broad flare fore and aft with full bulwark protecting walk around deck areas. Double diagonal cold-molded plywood to 3/4" net side thickness. Fiberglass hull construction optional.
Power: Single diesel motor of approximately 150 continuous shaft horsepower for speeds of 12 knots or 230 continuous shaft horsepower if speeds up to 14 knots are desired. Appropriate reduction gear is required, usually a ratio of 2:1. Compact twin motors may be used, but are not as practical or economical, and hence not recommended. Gasoline powered engines should not be used for a vessel of this size and type.
Can the hull be extended or shortened? Extend: No. Can be shortened up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.

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Plywood version / Fiberglass version
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