Variant Notes

Power and Performance

The VARIANT is adaptable to a variety of power options. Engine to be stern mounted with either v-drive or outdrive unit. Twin screws can be used if using compact power plants. Total engine weight should not exceed 1100 lbs.

Displacement = 7637 lbs.
14.5 KNOTS 72 SHP
19.5 KNOTS 135 SHP
22.5 KNOTS 170 SHP
25 KNOTS 200 SHP
30 KNOTS 280 SHP

Estimated hull speeds are based on the listed displacement and will vary if the weight increases. All speeds assume well-faired hulls driving through properly sized propellers with suitable gearing to match the power and torque curves of the engine in question. All speeds are in knots per hour. To convert to miles per hour, divide by .87. Horsepower is given as constant 24-hour rated SHAFT HORSEPOWER (SHP); NOT brake horsepower (BHP), nor intermittent ratings. Power given as D.I.N. will be about 8% less than S.A.E. ratings, while those given as KW will be 75% of S.A.E. figures. In all cases, it makes no difference if the engine is diesel or gasoline powered.

Designer's notes: The following have been reported by builders.
*Twin 198 hp Mercury 305 cu. in. each (figure 297 shp) = 30 knots @ 3800 rpm, 1 1/2:1 = 18" x 16" prop

Note: We have not attempted to verify the following figures; we pass them on, but recommend you check prices in your area. Charlie added this in a subsequent email: "I think a wise shopper can do better than my estimate, but it's a good set of numbers for dreamers to peruse."

Subject: Variant and Sorrento
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 20:49:35 -0400
From: Charlie Moulton

Hello Barry,
Just spent the day doing a takeoff from the Bill of Material. The wood for the Variant is approximately $6700 and the Sorrento is $16,950. That is a lot closer estimate than the wild guess I asked you for, but unless it is against your policy, perhaps you can give the next person who asks this information and save them the hassle.