About our Boat Plans...

Our boat plans include all the information, dimensions, and scantling specifications necessary to duplicate the ENTIRE boat as the designer intended, and as you see it displayed herein. They include all the typical views and details needed to describe the design, such as plan and profile views, sections, pictorial views, etc. If the boat has a cabin, this is also integral and detailed, along with the arrangement, deck plans and joinery views as applicable. Spar and rigging drawings (or specifications for same), along with keel or centerboard/daggerboards, ballast requirements, and sail plans are also provided in the case of sailboat designs.

Specifications may be integral with the plans or provided on separate sheets. Or in other cases, the plans may be provided with sequential instructions. If the boat has a powerplant, plans detail the installation, location, stringers, and mounting method, together with equipment related to its installation. Tank locations and capacities are given on boats fitted with permanent tanks.

If patterns are not available for a design, then the plans will come with a complete set of hull lines and Table of Offsets for lofting purposes. Or in the case of Stitch & Glue designs, panel layout dimensions will be provided so you can layout and duplicate planking panel shapes to the planking material full size. While our plans are aimed at do-it-yourself boatbuilders, first-time boatbuilders should understand that no set of boat plans is meant to be an education in boatbuilding by themselves. To this end, we offer an extensive selection of applicable "how-to" books and videos.


Available on many of our designs as a part of the plans, these typically provide the various frame contours and other hull-contouring "backbone" members of a boat’s framework. Patterns eliminate the lofting process and the need for a Table of Offsets, and come with instructions on their use. In some cases, such as smaller Stitch & Glue designs which have no framework, full-size patterns may be provided for the hull panels. However, in larger Stitch & Glue designs, panel layouts are a more practical alternative, and therefore are a part of the plans in lieu of patterns.


STUDY PLANS are typically available on larger boats with cabins as opposed to smaller, simpler open boats and runabouts.  A STUDY PLAN lets you learn more about a design before buying the full plan set.  They are a reduced-scale "peek" at the plans, but far from being an actual full set at our low price. Each includes several sheets showing more and/or larger primary views than we can show herein. These may include arrangements, exterior profiles, sections through the boat, interior profiles, construction details, hull line sections, and more.

STUDY PLANS usually include a more detailed description and characteristics list, and often come with a hull material listing to help determine costs in advance. They are a GREAT BARGAIN, educational, and make interesting studying for any boating enthusiast whether you choose to build or not. See respective design display for availability.  NOTE:  If STUDY PLANS are not listed for a given design, they are NOT available.


(*) Plus postage
Cost of study plans are deductible from the future purchase of regular plans using the code provided with your study plan.



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