Chuck Hantis' CHINOOK shows sturdy framework for a tough, durable, and highly fatigue-resistant hull.

Unique chine design shown in Body Plan above and in photo at right is easy to fabricate.

Hantis's hull (left) ready for righting, with completed boat shown below.  It will be right at home in New Jersey's coastal  waters where Chuck does a lot of offshore fishing. Chuck has done an outstanding job of carrying through the intent of our design, especially the cabin exterior detailing.

Christening message from Chuck:

"Today was a great day.  Your design did very well on the water.....tracked straight as an arrow, and no roll. We had a little chop, with nose down it softened the ride considerably. With 140HP Johnson, three onboard, 30 gal fuel at 4000RPM, 22 knots; 5000RPM...28 knots...was able to plane at  3300RPM...I'm very happy....this is a great design. Thanks!"
Latest update from Chuck Hantis & his CHINOOK above:
"Found a used YAMAHA 150 HP...Big difference in performance, she jumps up on plane. At 4000 RPM I am burning 8.5 gallons per hour (FloScan) and 25 knots. Top speed is now 34 knots (that's 39 m.p.h.)....runs exceptionally well...(have) been out in some nasty chop, boat's very strong, a "small army tank".
(Thanks again Chuck)

Above photos:  "CHINOOK" design as built in Alaska by Aaron Williams. Note Mr. Williams' pilothouse/cabin modifications from that shown on the plans to better suit his local requirements. Such changes are easy to make, and are one of the reasons for building your own boat - to get it exactly the way you want it. Also note the top-quality plating application and welding, something that may get short shrift when buying a ready-made boat. When you build your own boat, there's no need to cut corners as is often the case with production boats. Great job Aaron!