#018 an 18' or 19' inboard or outboard ski boat
by Ken Hankinson
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CATEGORY: High-Performance Sport Boats
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood planking/wood framing

Length overall 18'0"or 19'0"
Beam 7'10"
Depth (max.) 2'6"
Weight (approx.) 800 lbs.
Power (outboard max.) 190/205 HP

From Michael Soegaard comes this message about the Desperado he is building in Venezuela:

"....let me thank you for the excellent service you and your company has provided.  For the time being has the great pleasure and fun in building one of your designs which so far has been progressing without any problems.  Your drawings are straight forward and the instructions very easy to understand even for a first timer like me."

Thanks Mr. Soegaard - we look forward to seeing your photos.  KH

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