#028 an 18'6" tug for work or pleasure
by Al Sorenson & Ken Hankinson
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CATEGORY: Tug yachts
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood/wood framing, or welded aluminum or steel

Length overall 18'6"
Beam 8'2"
Draft 2'9"
Displacement 4800 lbs.
Suggested power range 10-30HP
Speed within HP range 6 kts.
Fuel capacity 40 gals.

Looking much like any other steel boat in progress, the novel SHRINK-WRAP techniques make construction quicker and more accurate. These amateur-proven methods assure super-smooth, fair surfaces virtually free of distortion. Fairing and filling compounds are virtually unnecessary. The final boat is so fair it might be confused with one molded in fiberglass.

Photos of the Sorenson Steel shrink wrap process
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Bill of Materials: Steel/Aluminum / Plywood Return

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