Snake Shooter

Rugged transverse framing set up on temporary jig ready for longitudinal stiffeners. Plans provide all the frame details, with outer contours taken from full size patterns.

Longitudinal stiffeners being applied.  Hull plating will next be mated to this framework, marked around their contours, removed, cut to shape, and then welded in place to the framework resulting in a rigid, strong hull.

Note the fair plating application, attention to detail, and resulting professional appearance of Jim Brubaker's completed SNAKE SHOOTER.  Anyone who can weld can get similar results using our plans, even first-time builders. Your boat will truly be a "custom" boat you'll be proud to own and use, with big $$$ savings to boot!

Above four photos and one at left of SNAKE   SHOOTER VEE as built by Jim Brubaker in California. Jim did a great job and got a boat exactly the way he wanted it. Not only does his boat look as good or better than any you could buy, it cost much less and is also more robust than most as the photos show.  That's because we don't need to skimp on the design details and there's no need to cut corners when you build it yourself.
[Note from Jim Brubaker:]  "I just wanted to thank you again for the great plans and design of the SNAKE SHOOTER.  I am really impressed with the ride and handling of the boat and the great help you have been throughout the project."
[Further update from Jim Brubaker:] Boat has a 460 cu. in. Ford V-8 driving a Berkeley 12JC jet with an "A" impeller.  Top speed between 58 and 60 MPH with cruise at 2700 rpm and 30 MPH.
(Thanks for all the feedback and sharing your photos with us, Jim - K.H.)

SNAKE SHOOTER (above photos) as built by Bill Spaulding in Oregon. This was Bill’s first attempt at aluminum boatbuilding and he did a great job - professional quality welds, smooth plating, customized interior to suit his needs.