Bon Voyage Speed/Power Chart (*)

The speeds listed are approximate and considered accurate based upon the listed displacement. Changes in displacement (weight) will modify these figures. All speeds are listed in KNOTS PER HOUR. To convert to miles per hour, divide by .87. Horsepower is listed in SHAFT HORSEPOWER (SHP). If a gasoline motor is being used, it may be rated as BRAKE HORSEPOWER (BHP). If so, multiply the BHP by .75 in order to determine the approximate SHP. When powering with a diesel motor, use the CONSTANT rating rather than the INTERMITTENT rating for SHP. The listing shows total horsepower required. When using twin engines, add the SHP of both engines.
6.3 knots 12 SHP 14 SHP 15 SHP
7.5 knots 24 SHP 27 SHP 29 SHP
8.8 knots 50 SHP 55 SHP 59 SHP
10 knots 80 SHP 87 SHP 92 SHP
11.4 knots 112 SHP 125 SHP 132 SHP
12.6 knots 142 SHP 155 SHP 165 SHP
15.8 knots 183 SHP 200 SHP 210 SHP
19 knots 225 SHP 245 SHP 255 SHP
(*) Shaft horsepower ratings (SHP) assume proper propeller and gear reductions. Additional power may be required to maintain a given speed if compromises are made in propeller size or reduction gear.

Misc. Notes:

Deadrise at the transom = 5o
PPI (pounds per inch immersion): 2,255 lbs