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Racing the Glen-L Thunderbolt - "Yogi Bear III"
Inboard boat plans
Inboard boat plans Inboard boat plans
Letter: May 1971

Brandon 2601

Dear Sir;

I am using a Halibrand Series 250, 12o V-drive in my Glen-L Thunderbolt boat, "Yogi Bear".

During a race, the bottom V-drive shaft broke off flush with the split sleeve coupling, forcing the safety collar back, the propeller shaft came back against the rudder, which in turn spun the boat around violently throwing my brother and I into the water. Then the boat sunk down stern first into the water.

I had a large truck tube tied up under the deck of the boat, which kept the stem up, allowing a rope to be tied to the boat.

I am pleased to say that there was no damage to the boat.

John Pearson