Picklefork Notes

Building the Picklefork Pictorial

Outboard boat plans Fig. 1: The RUNNER SIDE #4 with the RUNNER KEEL #5, DECK CLEAT #6, and STEM#7 assembled to it. The frames are located on this assembly, spaced per the dimension sheet or as noted on the full size patterns.
Outboard boat plans Fig. 2: The RUNNER SHEER #8 and CHINE #10 are pre beveled to to the dimensions given, although further fitting may be required. The RUNNER SHEER #8 has been set back to allow for fairing.
Outboard boat plans Fig. 3: The notch in FRAME #3 for the RUNNER SHEER #8 and CHINE #10 will need to be beveled so the member will lie flat on the frame.
Outboard boat plans Fig. 4: The RUNNER CHINE #8 is beveled as shown to side to the STEM #7.