Picklefork Notes

Building the Picklefork Pictorial

Outboard boat plans Fig. 5: The longitudinals notch into the solid wood of FRAME #1, but do not extend through the plywood.
Outboard boat plans Fig. 6: The aft end of the runner assembly after fairing. The faired lines are smooth and true, and the landing from FRAME #1 to the longitudinals is on the same plane.
Outboard boat plans Fig. 7: The bottom and side planking will meet in a butt joint in the area forward of FRAME #3. From the bevel filed in the chine at FRAME #3, draw a line to the approximate center of the member as it hits the STEM #7. The area above the line is to be faired for the bottom planking, while that below provides landing for the side planking.
Outboard boat plans Fig. 8: The principle of fairing is similar in all areas. A length of wood is used, sprung over the area to be faired to indicate the amount of material that will need to be removed.