Squirt Notes

Transom angle = 12°

Material list: Building form

Descrip. Size Quan.
Set-up members 2" x 4" x 5'-9" 2
Base members 2" x 4" x 9'-3" 2
Uprights 1" x 6" x 24" 4
Cross braces 2" x 4" or 1" x 6"
To suit spacing of set-up members

From the instructions:

"SETTING UP: The frames are mounted on the parallel 2" x 4" setup members of the building form. See the drawing in the plans. The building form must be level in all directions, and rigid. Set up members are spaced 18" to 24" apart. The frames are centered on the set up members and anchored in place with blocking so that they will not move. Note that when the building form members are level, the frames may be trued with a level both vertically and horizontally, and from chine point to chine point. The breasthook and Frame #2 are glued and screwed to the stem per the fastening schedule. This assembly is anchored rigidly in place with the breasthook temporarily fastened to blocking at the height shown on the "BUILDING FORM" drawing. It is important that frames be set up accurately, and the frames be braced to prevent any movement during construction."

The sheer

In various places on this site, builders have commented on the difficulty of bending the sheers on the Squirt. Because of the bow shape and boat length, this can be a problem. This will be agrivated if the lumber is over dried. Possible solutions:

  1. The sheer can be clamped to the frames and the forward end bent toward the stem, tied in place, the bend wraped with towels, boiling water poured on and allowed to set overnight. When released, the lumber will have a bend. This can be repeated.
  2. The sheer can be applied in multiple layers, as long as the add up to the same total thickness. Layers can be screwed in place and the screws removed be fore applying subsequent layer. We would only use thickened epoxy for this application.
  3. In this application as in all others, pay attention to the material. If it has a bend, work with it. Use the material with the straightest grain where it will be bent.

The Squirt breasthook is typical of most designs. The width of the notch in the lower half and the width of the piece the protrudes from the upper half should match the width of the stem. The protrusion on the front of the upper half should extend beyond the stem, far enough so that it can be faired to continue the stem contour.
A = 17" (straight line)
B = 9 7/8" (curved line with approx 3/16" arc)
Centerline of the upper half = 8"
A to center end of B = 6"