#354 an 11' skiff for oars, power, or sail Build in STITCH AND GLUE PLYWOOD

Length overall 11'-0"
Beam 4'-5"
Depth amidships 15"
Average passengers 2
Weight (approx.) 115 lbs.
Hull type: Sheet plywood hull for FAST-G Stitch and Glue construction. The hull is folded together to form a vee bottom with rounded forward sections.
Power: Short-shaft outboard motor to 3 hp.
Trailer: Designed for use with Glen-L Series 650 boat trailer plans.
Sail type: The Bull's-Eye can be built using three different rig options, all with daggerboard.
Cat Rig: Unstayed mast with loose footed, sock-type sail. Area: 56 sq.ft.
Sloop Rig: Fully stayed with loose footed main. Area main: 49 sq.ft., jib: 25 sq.ft. Total area: 74 sq.ft.
Sprit Rig: Classic unstayed, rotating mast with sprit boom. Loose footed sail with with luff laced to the mast. Area: 51 sq.ft.

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