Eagle-FG Bill of Materials

The following listing is an estimate of the fiberglass materials required to build the basic hull only. The material listing is intended to serve as a general guide only and should not be used to purchase materials until the various options and alternatives have been checked to the plans, to the work, and to the materials which may be available in the area in which the hull will be built. The listing is ony an estimate and may vary with the amount of waste encountered in the work, the sizes and types of material available, and other variables that cannot be controlled. Figures for materials listed include an overage factor or allow for fitting and trimming to size, but it is probable that additional materials may be required due to waste, defects, how the materials are utilized, etc. In all cases, check the plans and instructions for options.


  • Fiberglass planking "CF-65" 12" wide x lineal ft: 300'
  • Fiberglass mat 3/4 oz per square foot: 1180 square feet or 55 lbs.
  • Fiberglass mat 1 oz. per square foot: 160 sq. ft. or 10 lbs.
  • Fiberglass woven roving 18 oz per square yard: 885 square ft. or 110 lbs.
  • Polyester non-thixotropic laminating resin with catalyst for fiberglass planking for initial coating: 110 lbs. or approximately 12 gallons
  • Polyester laminating resin with catalyst: 500 lbs. or 1 drum (55 gal. size)


  • Foam material (PVC) 1/2" thick: 288 sq. ft.
  • Fiberglass mat 1 oz per square foot: 985 square feet or 62 lbs.
  • Fiberglass woven roving 18 oz per square yard: 80 lbs. or 640 sq. ft.
  • Polyester resin with catalyst: 500 pounds or 1 drum (55 gal. size)