Installation of an exposed drum steerer

Mount the steering drum in the center of the dash. The vinyl covered tiller cable threads in and out of notches on the steering drum. The tiller cable should be of equal length on each side of the drum. Wrap each half of the cable 3 to 4 turns around the drum in opposite directions. Holes are cut into the coaming to accommodate the coaming pulleys, with the chrome flange mounted on the outside. The coaming pulleys should be located so that the cables run parallel to the dash when threaded through the pulleys.

Clamp a piece of scrap wood (1"x2"x4'approx) to the motor, parallel to the transom, as close to the pivot point of the motor as possible. Fasten the tension springs with eye straps to the outside of the cockpit, side deck, or other suitable position, at least 4" forward of the transom. Temporarily tie or tape the steering pulleys, equidistant, toward either end of the piece of wood. Thread the cable through the coaming pulleys and steering pulleys, and clamp to the tension springs. Turn the steering wheel and check the turning radius. Move the pulleys in or out and try again until desired turning radius is achieved. NOTE: For the fitting process, twine can be used, instead of cable.

Now that the length of the steering bar is determined, purchase a piece of steel or aluminum channel, or flat stock. (NOTE: On the Tiny Titan we used 1"x 1/4" steel channel.) This will be fastened to the motor as close to the pivot point as possible. Secure steering pulleys to the bar, thread cable, and clamp to tension springs. There should be tension on the cable; pull the final spring, approximately 1" extension, before clamping. Trim cable to length.

Total drum height= 3" plus 3/8" for the base.