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"When I got the plans... I just started at the beginning and made the frames and it just took shape from there. It was the first boat I had ever built from scratch... I just started and it just worked. This was my dreamboat to build so I’m pleased I persevered!"
     --- Greg Roy, Auckland, New Zealand - Builder of the "Barrelback"

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Glen-L 14 sailboat

Gentry gentleman's runabout
Zip outboard runabout

Super Spartan 10' hydro

Welcome to the Glen-L marine designs Website! You may be thinking, "Build my own boat?" "What if it sinks?" Well, thousands just like you have built their own boat with Glen-L boat plans like those of our clients above! Within the pages of this website, you will find all the hard-to-find items needed to build your own boat. Time tested and proven boat plans and patterns for the amateur do-it-yourself person, boat kits, epoxy formulated just for boat building, silicon bronze nails and screws, books, videos, boat building supplies, inboard marine hardware, thousands of free articles, how-to information and so much more!

Why build a boat? Look at the photos above. How much would you expect to pay for a boat like any of those? These boats are priceless because they are one of a kind! A custom-built boat, that meets your specific needs — that is what you get when you build it yourself. Many of our builders save 50% or more off the cost of a comparable manufactured boat — IF you can even find one that comes close to what you can build! Is there a boat you have been dreaming about that is out of your budget? Not if you build it yourself from Glen-L plans and patterns. Plus, you don't have to pay the total price all at once, but can pay-as-you go by getting the various boat plans and kits that Glen-L offers only as you need them.

Why Glen-L boat plans? Whether you choose to build in plywood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum, all of our boat plans are designed specifically for the beginning DIY builder. When you decide to build, we offer kits for many of our designs so that you save time by not having to search for materials and you save money as we buy our products in bulk and pass the savings along to you! Plus, Glen-L boat plans and patterns are full size so you don't have to go through the tedious process of lofting the lines - leave that for the professionals! We want you to succeed and build that boat of your dreams. That is why we have set up a great online community, the Boatbuilder Forum, where you can ask questions and get all of the technical support you need from builders and designers. To top it off, our plans come with a full 30-Day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to risk.

You can build your own boat! How do we know? After over 50 years, we have seen people from all skill levels build boats from our plans: Kids build boats with their fathers and many, by themselves; elementary classrooms and scout troops build boats; folks who have never built anything have built our boats; retirees looking for a hobby, parents looking to spend quality time with their children, women and men who want a boat they can be proud of build boats-all of these people have done it and so can you with Glen-L's proven designs!

Where do I start? The Glen-L website has the most extensive offering of FREE articles and information on the Internet to provide you with the education you need to build your own boat. We recommend that you START HERE to begin your journey towards building that boat you have always dreamed of owning. You have no reason to wait!

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