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11. Drill the rivet heads to remove the sponsons (if you have them).

12. Tilt the Jetski hull as shown and trim the top edge of the bulkhead. The metal bracket is still in place on my hull because the bolt heads were stripped.

13. Rough cut completed - Do not cut into the driveshaft bearing support housing!

14. Lift and break free the fiberglass ride area. If you wish you can score a break line just in front of the forward pump mounts (using a grinder). See next photo

15. Discard the fiberglass panel.

16. A score line would have given me an even break - no problem we can clean it up later.

17. It's an awful job, but the foam has to be removed. I used an old wood chisel and about four hours of digging.

18. With the foam removed inspect the lines. I found what caused the demise of this hull. It's previous owner had attempted to add another engine cooling line and drilled through the line on the left (star). With no way to make repairs the hull had to be discarded.

19. Mark down the center of the "humps" on each side and cut as shown. You should have 2 1/2" of hull on each side of the pump housing. The curve out to the edges of the bulkhead is not critical - I freehanded the cut, of course you can make it as nice and smooth as you want.

20. Detail of the bottom cuts.

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