Cut'n up a 2001 Seadoo GS!

Here's the "donor" craft ready to undergo radical surgery. Begin by removing all the stuff fastened to the top half of the hull.

Once everything has been removed (including wires and fuel lines positioned along the sides) its time to saw all the way around the hull seams. I cut just inside the blue rubber bumper.

One ruined sawblade later and Viola! Lift off the top portion of the hull. At this point I would say you had made a commitment and jetski riders would say you should be committed!

Poor old Jetfish has her bottom cut out yet again! I'm thinking of renaming her "Patches". You can see the treated boards cut on an angle to match the Seadoo hull.

The Seadoo hull cut to size. Notice the composite hull contruction. I used 6" lag bolts to tie the two hulls together and self-rising foam to fill the gap between the Seadoo and Jetfish shoe. Once fiberglassed the afte deck will be level.

Jetfish's new backside. The Seadoo's pump well is much larger than the Kawasaki!

After adding three new layers of 9oz. glass to the bottom, two fresh coats of electric blue epoxy paint, and tearing down the engine for inspection, it was time for a trial fit. Because I really wanted to use the Seadoo fuel tank, I cut the center out of the bulkhead. Next step is inventing some steering and (hopefully) breeding the GTX reverse gate to the GS pump. Note the Seadoo hull fit Jetfish's shoe like a glove.

Jet Jon