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Boat frame kits

Frame Kits are available for many of our designs in limited supply. Since most of our clients prefer to build their boat from the frames up and demand for them was low, we are no longer building frame kits. However, we do have many in stock and if there is one available for a design, it will be listed in our online store. However, once stock is gone on a particular kit, it will no longer be available.

A Frame Kit eliminates layouts (or transferring the patterns to obtain the frame members). The machined parts are made from master templates to insure accuracy. Setting up the Frame Kit members is fast and easy, inspiring confidence early in the construction process, when it is most needed by the beginner. A Frame Kit provides the complete ribs for the boat, assembled and ready to be mounted on the building form, as detailed in the plans that come with the Frame Kit. You provide the standard lumberyard longitudinals and bend them around the frames. You save by purchasing these unshaped, straight members locally and avoiding shipping charges.

Visit our Online Catalog for more information. Contact Glen-L for Frame Kit shipping charges.

For a self-guided "How Frame Kits are Made" slide show, click here.

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